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Facesitting Is My Favorite Punishment!

"When my boyfriend made the mistake of telling me he thought my ass was getting too fat, I knew I had to take some steps to show him he better RESPECT his wife's ass and pay it proper homage. How? By making him lie on the bed, sitting on his face and jamming his nose straight up my sweaty ass crack! The boy better tell me how nice it smells too, or I'll twist his ball sac into a knot! He knows I mean it, so he'll be a good boy and take his medicine, hehe.."

Ass Smother In Panties!

"I like to wear a pair of dirty panties when I ass smother my husband. Sometimes I even take a pair out of the hamper that haven't been washed in a week, put them on and face grind him good and hard! I think it's more humiliating when he's got to lie there and "smell the stink", LOL! Of course I demand he tell me how delicious and sweet they smell as I wriggle my butt across his face, making extra sure my asshole scrapes right over his nose and mouth. Sometimes I even make him lick my ass through my dirty panties! And the little worm better do it! Or I'll REALLY make his life hell!.."
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Smell That Asshole!

"When he's been extra naughty, I make him smell my asshole for a good hour or so! He has to put his nose right in my anus and sniff as loud as he can! I want to hear it, worm! Sometimes I pick up the phone and chat with one of my girlfriends, using his face for a pillow as I gab away for hours. Someone asked me if he ever got an erection from being ass smothered like this, and I can tell you HE BETTER! It's a sign of respect that he finds the smell of my asshole arousing and he better show it in the proper fashion! Of course he's NOT allowed to stroke his cock, he has to lie there and just let it bulge in his underwear. I'll tell him when he's allowed to masturbate and that's when I feel like watching him jerk off...usually while smelling my dirtiest pair of panties!.."

Hairy Pussy Face Grinding!

"Many times I go without shaving my pussy for a couple of weeks just so I can give him the hairiest face grinding I can! I know lots of women that like to shave their pussies bald like some young lolita, but I'm a married woman and I want my man to know who's pussy he's smelling! MINE! A good hairy pussy face grinding session usually ends with him eating my ass and pussy for hours because he gets so turned on...and I sure do too! Take it from me, ladies, you want your man to get aroused? Sit on his face and grind that pussy good and hard. He'll be ready to go in no time!.."
facesitting fetish picture
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facesitting fetish picture
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My Ass And His Face!

"It's such a perfect fit, my ass and his face! I think all husbands should serve as ass pillows for their spouses, you know? I mean, think about it, a man's proper place is beneath his woman's ass and pussy right? Face deep and begging hard for the PRIVILEGE of being allowed to sniff, taste and worship her heavenly ass! And Lord help the man who dares to tell her that her butt is TOO fat! He'll be smelling dirty ass for DAYS!...Could you stand it? LOL!"
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